OWTCThe Orange Walk Town Council team is preparing to resume the infrastructural works that have been in the Council’s pipeline over the past three years. This includes the rehabilitation of over sixty heavily trafficked streets that have been completed across town. And while some of these streets located in different areas have received their first coat of paving over the past few months, the Council is preparing to finalize the job by applying the second and final coat of paving which include Cemetery Street, Liberty Avenue and Pineapple Street among others.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC

“By next week we will be starting second coating of some intersection that we had done for example here on this area by the stop light we have to second coat that intersection, on Cemetery Street we have to second coat that intersection as well, we have on Liberty Avenue we another intersection will be second coated as well then we will be moving second coating Pineapple Street which needs its second coat and then we moving into South Main street which needs its second coat and right after those streets get its second coat then we will be looking after the other streets that need paving.”


In light of the upcoming hurricane season, the Council is also currently embarking on an extensive drainage cleaning campaign so as to remove debris and waste materials that often create a major problem as it relates to the clogging of drains.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC

“We’re working a lot on drain cleaning as well in certain zones for example in the Pasadita Area, in the Orange Walk East Area we will where the council is going in and do an extensive work on drain cleaning, right now is the dry season so before the rain starts we have to get these drains clean and we are trying to second coat these streets before the rain starts as well it’s all about timing and it’s all about the council gets its finances because as the money comes in it is invested right back. A lot of the problems we find when it comes to our drains, because we have a lot of earth drains so we have to keep maintaining them but a lot of the problems we have when we look at the earth drains is that we find a lot of garbage in the drains, we find a lot of debris, people chop down trees put it out of their yard but dup it in the drain so we are trying to discourage those types of things. If your garbage isn’t pick up on time for some reason or the other you can contact the council and we take note of that and we send the people directly in that area to deal with that, if you have debris, if you are chopping down a tree and you want to get it out of your yard contact the council first because there is a fee for that type of garbage collection remember it is debris not regular garbage so there is a small fee when it comes to that because we deploy a tractor and a cargo space to ensure that we can put that debris inside so the faster you can do that the easier for us to get that debris and the easier we keep the drains clean because at the end of the day if we don’t have clean drains then we see areas being flooded and we see the entire neighborhood looking bad and that is what we are planning to do and we are also planning to go on the media as well like now on the morning shows to speak more on these issues here and we are looking to going back to every Thursday as well to ensure that we speak to the public and ensure to keep them inform of what is going on and the projects that we have in place.”


According to Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal… there are a host of additional projects that the community can expect to see completed in the near future.

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