29983531_1651505311603294_2801210031975750141_oIn mid-January of this year, the Orange Walk Town Council under its ‘Partnership with the People Program’ embarked on a project in collaboration with Muffles College High School to renovate the school’s principal street which runs from the entrance gate to the laboratory building located at the back of the school. Whilst the project was fully financed by the school’s administration, the Council provided the necessary labor to complete the job.

Today, under the same program, the newly re-elected Council has partnered with another secondary institution… Bishop Martin High School, to rehabilitate the main entrance, improving the aesthetics of the school and allowing students to have better access as it relates to walking to their respective classrooms and other designated areas on campus. We caught up with Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal who elaborated on the initiative.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC

“The work continues for this term and something that we have been working on and it’s a hallmark for Orange Walk and this council is the partnership with the people program and in this case it is a partnership with a High School and just like we did with Muffles High School where we paved the entrance we are doing the same thing with Bishop Martin High School and the way this works is basically that they finance the entire project and we as a council partner because we have the equipment and the manpower to do the paving so in that partnership the School saves and then we get to contribute as well to the development of the school and in that part a better ambience for the learning environment for our children. I must say that it will change the esthetics of the school because now the children will have now a better accessibility to the school, less dust, fewer potholes, less mud so what the Board decided to do in that aspect it is something good.”

While the project had been approved a few months ago, the work carried out by the Council officially commenced two days ago and is expected to be fully completed as of tomorrow Friday April 6th.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC

This was in discussion from way before and actually Bishop Martin and Muffles approach the council almost the same time but what we did we started with Muffles because they were ready with the financing so we started there now we were to do this before Easter break but then when you are being out there premixing the hot mix it creates some type of fumes that is not good for the children in that area so we decided to wait during the Easter break to do the work so it started around two days ago this week and it will be completed by tomorrow midday we should have the street in that entire zone completed.”

The invitation to join in the Council’s ‘Partnership with the People Program’ is extended to other educational institutions as well as the community.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC

“We encourage any other school of any other business partner as well, any resident who would like to take advantage of the partnership with the people program we are open to that, you save a lot when we can partner because you know labor is expensive and anything that contributes to the beatification of our town we are more than welcome to join you.”

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